CODEX™ Stocker

CODEX™ Stocker


Genmark Automation’s CODEX Stocker is built on proven Genmark technologies found in production globally. The tool integrates stocking, sorting and metrology tool functions in a single tool to store and deliver various substrates:

  • On demand
  • Of defined properties
  • In defined numbers

Consolidating the functions of these traditionally nonrevenue-generating tools frees up fab floor space for production equipment, enabling a facility to maximize its productivity and yield:

  • Novel rotary “carousel” module increases the capacity of substrates stored compared with existing rack systems, requiring less fab floorspace, allowing the robot to access the substrates from a single side
  • Integrated stocker and metrology systems enable real-time measurement and data tracking. Storing all substrates in a single location allows for more effective tracking of the wafer/reticle life cycle
  • Gantry robot provides extended working envelope for wafer delivery
  • Requires less clean room space
  • Live time data tracking
  • Integrated metrology capability
  • Potentially eliminates inspection tools
  • Eliminates sorter tools
  • Software enables all typical sorter functions


Key features include:

  • codexStockerHigh capacity: 5000 substrates, L x W x H (3089” x 2639” x 2900”)
  • High modularity, configurability and expandability – adding 3089” x 2639” x 2900” modules
  • Recommended stocker modules per tool – 2
  • Performance optimized for high throughput
    • Motion blending capability
  • System architecture enables multiple approaches and design
    • DFX (DFR, DFS, DFM, etc.)
  • Reduced part count for high reliability
  • Enhanced diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Effective carrier teaching
  • Flexibility – can store different size and geometry substrates by customizing the boats
  • Warped substrate handling capabilities
  • Substrate flipping capabilities
  • Substrate edge defect detection
  • Low / High Frequency (200 / 300 mm) carrier ID reading capabilities
  • On-the fly substrate centering
  • QR barcode reading capabilities
  • Local and remote control through SECS/GEM interface
  • Remote software updating and diagnostics
  • CE, S2-S8 SEMI compliance


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